We Care For Your Pets


Oak Grange Boarding Kennels and Cattery will be closing on 31 December 2019.

It is with the greatest regret than we are forced to cease operating a boarding kennels and cattery at the end of this year after decades of caring for pets. We have been left unable to complete the work required to meet the new license requirements as introduced in October 2018, and which must be finished by December 2019. With 94 kennels and 15 cat pens to rebuild it has proven too great and too expensive a task to complete in the timescale. Having operated for the last year on a reduced capacity we have been faced with the joint problem of trying to undertake expensive rebuilding while having restricted capability to fund that effort.

I have tried to make the point that I believe the new regulations create welfare issues for cats and dogs as well as health and safety risks for staff but have been simply told that the law is the law. The loss of an elderly family member and caring for another on palliative care at home has made it even harder to get work done. I asked the licensing authority for more time to complete the required work because of these issues and was told flatly, and in no uncertain terms, no. This has effectively made an otherwise impossible decision for us.

It has been a privilege for Debbie, Kay, Nick, Tim, Ellie and I, as well as all the staff who have previously worked at Oak Grange, not just over our 12 years here, but the decades of my grandmother’s tenure, to care for your pets. It is no small matter to entrust a family member to someone else’s care and we have never lost sight of that. Watching dogs and cats grow, thrive, and even the hole they leave at their departure has been heart warming and fulfilling for us all. We consider every customer who visits us a friend, and we will miss your friendship.

Thank you for all your support throughout the years, and for the honour of caring for your pets.

License Holder: Mr M. Lewis

License No: 18/00063/BOARD